Hearing voices in your head is quite common and concerns each of us. It is one of the ways in which the System we are in (the Matrix) communicates with us. Pushing thoughts into different levels of our consciousness, but also into the subconscious, is the main way in which the System manipulates people. Thoughts are fed to people and animals, especially during sleep, and therefore many people wake up in the morning in a bad mood. It’s exactly like tuning in to a radio frequency in the morning where they play music you don’t like that you don’t resonate with. Thus, the system tunes people to a negative frequency during sleep with their thoughts, and people are then in disharmony all day. It is then much easier for the System to have people under control. The system thus controls the human mind and makes people “obedient sheep”. One example is the weather. They will write on the internet that there will be a storm in the evening. People read it and say to themselves, “There will be a storm in the evening, so I’d rather take an umbrella on my way home from work.” And when most people in the area say so, the storm will actually materialize. The system does everything to make people waste all their attention only on stupidity and material things. The goal of the System is to keep people’s attention from the Source. The connection to the Source is in each of us. There is no need to go to church to look for him, for example.

Everyone is involved in creating reality, either consciously or unconsciously. He uses his spiritual strength to do so. Spiritual power is therefore living energy, which we implement into the System through our attention. What we put our attention into (spiritual strength), we feed in this reality (illusion). That is why it is said that you only need to be an Observer. To be an Observer is to follow the thoughts that are being pushed into our heads, and to give our attention only to what we want to exist in our reality. Imagine you have a lot of flowers, but only a certain amount of water to water. The flowers you water will live. In fact, communication with the Source, with God, if you will, is on an emotional level, not a voice in the head. Seen in this light, it is impossible to get rid of foreign voices in the head, but it is possible to neutralize them by not paying our attention to them. Meditation is certainly a good thing that helps people strengthen their spiritual shield against foreign thoughts. But it is important to have the right knowledge and be consciously active. Be as high as possible on the high vibration, work with your attention (spiritual power) consciously, because what you put your attention into will then take place in your reality. This is the real key to becoming your own master of your own reality.

I wish many conscious decisions to all of you,