The universe is an extremely intelligent thing, and there is absolute justice, according to the law of cause and effect, which some may call karma. Sometimes we meet strangers who smile at us from ear to ear, and sometimes we meet people who always frown at us. How is that possible? Is it a coincidence? It’s not. Karma is practically a reflection of our actions from the universe, through people, through animals, or through ordinary things like a laundry basket. And since in the final analysis, as far as the timeline is concerned, there is only the present, the cause can be in our past as well as in our “future”. This means that someone may frown upon us even though we have done nothing wrong to them so far. For what he dislikes, we have yet to do. Every suffering and every disease has a reason for its occurrence. Some may find it difficult to find the cause, so they try to discover it by connecting to the experiences of their past incarnation. But there is no need. The universe is ingenious and, in fact, simple. Everything we really need is in our vicinity and all the information we need will always reach us. All we have to do is keep our eyes and ears open. On the other hand, whoever has to get the information from us will come and get it, or even call you. Spiritual awakening is beautiful, but to evolve faster spiritually we need to learn to work with the information provided. When we discover something, some knowledge (for example, that eating meat or drinking alcohol lowers the vibration of our body), we need to realize that other people may not be ready for this information yet. We need to change ourselves and set an example for others. There is still a free choice of decision that we have to accept, even if it is, for example, our loved ones.

So if the same or similar unpleasant situation repeats in my life, I need to realize that it will keep repeating until I understand the reason why it is happening to me. There can be many kinds of causes, but they always lead either directly to me, or to persons with my DNA, or to members of my family (family karma). Let me give you an example: someone scratches the paint of your car. You may argue that you have never seen this person and that you certainly owe him nothing from this life. You can also argue that there certainly were no cars in your past life. Well, there were horses, weren’t there? For a long time mankind used horses for transport, so maybe you or your grandfather, even unintentionally (perhaps in a battle), injured a horse that belonged to one of the family of the person who scratched your car. By scratching your vehicle, the family debts were settled. This example of karma shows that there is no point in being angry with others, but of course not even with oneself. Let me give one more example.Someone has many parasites in him (the cause is eating meat and mistreating animals), and he can argue that he has never eaten any meat and never harmed any animal. But what if his great-grandfather was a butcher?…So in the former case, I will ask for forgiveness not only from the person who scratched the paint on my car, but also from all members of his family and all members of his DNA. In the second case, I will ask forgiveness from all animals.

You can erase karma, except by suffering, only by your wisdom. Wisdom and knowledge are gained through experience. When you realize that you have wronged someone (even yourself) or something, it is a very good impulse to start working on yourself. Photon energy creates the structure of life and repairs the structure that has been damaged by chaotic low vibrations. It is a time axis rotation, a kind of complex magnetism, so this energy permeates everything. The photon energy vibrates at a very high frequency and helps amplify the manifestation of our thoughts. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the clarity and purity of our thoughts. That’s why if someone steps on my new shoe at the mall, I won’t be mad at them. After all, better one dirty shoe than a scratched car.

I wish many conscious decisions to all of you,