This topic needs to be clarified, because everyone is looking for the best and fastest ways to detoxify, instead of addressing the cause. Parasites are just a mediator for the universe to fulfill karma. I deliberately do not use the word “punish” because it is a consequence of actions – that is, karma. And karma is merely the result of our actions or the actions of our ancestors, family members or bearers of the same DNA. Karma is actually the law of grace, because if we learn from what we have done wrong, the cause of the trouble disappears and then the trouble itself. So this is a fair program. Thinking about how to kill parasites is therefore creating another negative energy – negative karma, and I do not recommend this to anyone. The cause of unhealthy active parasites in the body is mainly the killing of animals, cruelty to animals (including fishing), eating animals, indirect support for the continuation of these acts (eg: buying leather goods) and, last but not least, taking into account that all this is happening around us. Do you know how Native American tribes deal with it in the Amazon rainforest? They use poison arrows to hunt, and when an animal hits a starvation (such as a monkey or a capybaras), when the animal dies, the Indians meanwhile ask the Spirit of the animal for forgiveness. The only animal that does not do this is a huge anaconda snake, which steals and eats the children of their tribes. Therefore, they consider him a servant of evil, and when they encounter him, their goal is to kill him immediately and thus protect the members of their tribe. A spiritually mature person is not a predator. He sees different connections and has no desire to eat anything from the animal. Neither meat (including fish and seafood), nor eggs, nor ham.

But back to the little parasites. There are unicellular and multicellular parasites in the body. The disarmament of these parasites is led primarily by a pure love for animals as common inhabitants of this planet. I am not saying that animals are on the same spiritual level as humans, they are not. They do not have the exceptional thing that a person has – a soul. But, they have their Spirit, and in nature they have their unique, essential task. Note that animals are approached by people who cannot find love for other people (meaning that they have not yet found love for themselves). Animals often take on human suffering and illness. For example, many dogs or cats die from the same problem that appears in someone’s family many years after the event. Therefore, it is good to observe animals, help them and try to understand their contribution to humanity. Of these animals, I will list the most common: dog, cat, horse. The exception is reptiles. I certainly wouldn’t buy a snake for my baby to feed him live mice. I am afraid that this will not lead to anything good in raising a child, on the contrary. Like shooting and killing in video games. It is the cultivation of evil.

However, there are also parasites that, let’s say, are not visible and threaten us on non-physical levels. These so-called astral parasites occupy the astral body of man (around the physical body) and their cause is that man treats his physical body without love. The most common phenomena include smoking, drinking alcohol, and intentional self-harm to the physical body (tattoos, piercings, etc.). After all, it is self-killing, albeit at a slower pace.

Even in this case, if you want to save others, you must first save yourself.