Athletic Enhancement

Athletic enhancement

The skin is the largest human organ. It covers the body and thus separates the internal environment of the organism from the external environment. During sports, the skin is elastic, moist and warm, creating ideal conditions for the transfer of energy particles – e.g. electrons. Free electrons are particularly well absorbed by the skin of the head, face, hands and feet. The electrons are quickly redistributed to those places and organs where their presence is needed at any given moment. This process leads to an overall strengthening of the bioenergetics of the body. The higher energy permeates inside the body, helping to recharge the entire organism and greatly increasing the processes of biosynthesis. It thus helps to activate the surface potential of the cells and is highly effective especially in restoring the proper functioning of the blood circulation. It improves the overall energy potential of the organism and is therefore very beneficial not only for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, but also especially for professional athletes.