Biofield Enhancement

A biofield is an energy envelope located approximately 4 to 12 inches from the material body of a person. The ancient Egyptians knew that it was the key to health. They called it the “Ka body” and knew a technique to repair their Ka and thus restore their strength, vitality and health. The existence of the biofield is nowadays scientifically proven and it is also proven that the quality of the biofield has a direct influence on the health of a person. The biofield, or aura, is also often mentioned nowadays in connection with the destructive effects of electrosmog, lowered immunity and civilisation diseases. Since the cause of disease is a lack of energy in the body, it is necessary to tap into this “energy field” and remove the energy that is blocked. Thus, biofield enhancement occurs through intensive transformation, purification and also by strengthening the aura’s ability to resist unhealthy Qi energy. The aura is reminiscent a sphere that surrounds a person. It consists of plasma, that is, particles with both positive and negative charge. This plasma is constantly moving back and forth – from the surface of the skin to the outer shell of the aura. The plasma actually circulates and its purpose is to protect the body from foreign harmful energy. This is also why Chinese medicine calls it protective energy. A different type of plasma circulates in the other channels of the body connecting all the important organs. This plasma is formed from water, food and air. It is actually a basic energy.

Some people, but especially animals, are able to see or feel the aura, depending on the density of the plasma. Animals react much more directly to human energy than humans do, which is why, for example, a dog snuggles up to someone or growls at them. The biofield serves as a protective shield for the body and therefore people should take better care of it. At least this would be the beginning of the right way to increase your energy potential. Eating meat, drinking alcohol, smoking, or taking drugs, on the other hand, weaken the power of this protective shield and give negative energies the opportunity to attack us. I am very sorry, but this applies not only to meat, through which the parasites enter the physical body, but also to wheat products – because the parasites are very fond of wheat and multiply very well. Practically speaking, this natural system is much stricter than it may seem. It’s not enough just to watch the food we eat. We should be very careful and watch not only the words we let out of our mouths, but we should also watch and control our thoughts. Even thought is an energy, an electric field that people should learn to work with. For example, even such loud swearing can weaken our aura very much. So the energy in our biofield also changes depending on our behaviour. Therefore, to improve our biofield, a moral way of life is a condition.

Radio and TV transmitters, radars and mobile phone antennas will certainly not strengthen our biofields. Unless one lives in a secluded forest, in the desert, or at sea, for example, during a normal working day in the civilized world, our biofield is already forced to face many foreign negative influences on the way to work. Especially nowadays, we need to be smart and responsible with our biofield. Watching violent movies in the evening or on the weekend, or playing video games with shootings is definitely not the right way to go for our future generations. I consider conscious adaptation to high healing vibrations as one of the few chances for a true spiritual as well as health ascension of humanity. So if we want to improve the common tomorrow of all inhabitants of this beautiful planet, let us first effectively start with ourselves and then be an inspiration for others.

I wish you many positive energies,