Frequent Asked Questions

What's the range of the Alkywan Photon Ball?

Alkywan Photon Ball 4.7 has an absolutely outstanding range with a radius of approximately 500 feet! This creates a high vibrational protective sphere around the device against radiation pervading the walls of the building. This unique photon energy creates a life supporting field.

What is the appropriate distance for an ideal interaction with the Photon Ball?
The closer you are to the Photon ball, the greater intensity of the action. The recommended optimal distance for “recharging body batteries” is 3 – 6 ft (1 – 2m). Everyone has different energetical sensitivities, therefore adjust your distance of your A.P.B accordingly.
What is the Photon Ball made of?

The Photon Ball is made from the Bohemia crystal glass of highest quality, with specially treated glass according to our proprietary requirements and with the highest content of silicon (Si) compound. This crystal glass dates back to the 12th & 13th century and resurfaced in the 15th Century around the time of Leonardo Da Vinci.

Why is Alkywan Photon Energy so important?
At present, carbon forms are being transformed into finer silicon forms, which better correspond to the current increasing vibrations of the planet Earth. Silicon element (Si) in a Photon Ball is therefore an ideal guide to support the transformation of living forms.
Main effect of Photon Ball?

Photon ball is extraordinary for its universal impact. This premium product serves in adjustment and harmonization of the personal environment, the house or office or apartment. Silicon element reduces the risk of infectious diseases and stimulates the immune system. It helps the body and space to high vibrations, to harmonize the personality throughout the day, to protect it and to establish mental well-being. Photon Ball reduces oxidative stress, free radicals and also helps to eliminate digital pollution. It eliminates negative effects of psychosomatic zones on a human body. It has a beneficial effect on the body in many ways.

Other benefits:
– Activate the surface potential of cells
– Helps to normal blood circulation
– Significantly improves the processes of biosynthesis
– Improves your sleep
– Supports the proper functioning of your immune system
– Increases your stress resistance
– Strengthens the body’s bioenergetics
– Soothes you during states of depression
– Promotes detoxification of the body
– Suitable for regeneration and relaxation
– Suitable for relieving muscle tension
– Ageless design
– No negative impact on the environment

Does the Photon Ball work, even if the wooden base is not connected to electricity ?

Yes. The Photon ball works, even if the wooden base is not electrically connected. However, the Light -Emitting diodes amplify the effect of the Photon Ball into the surrounding environment.

Does the Photon Ball need any maintenance?

No maintenance is required. We recommend occasionally wiping any dust off the ball with a soft cloth.

How to use a Photon Ball?

It is the best to place the Photon Ball in the center of the property and let it work.

The Photon Ball is not a medical device and does not replace medical care. Always place the Photon Ball on a stable, level surface without the risk of shock or strong wind. Protect the Photon Ball from frost or sudden changes in temperature. Protect the Photon Ball from extreme temperatures. Protect the Photon Ball from direct sunlight. Keep the Photon Ball out of the reach of children. Protect the Photon Ball from falling, impact, or mechanical damage. Do not step on the Photon Ball. Do not put the Photon Ball in pool accessories, in a microwave oven, gas/electrical oven, refrigerator, washing machine or dishwasher.


How do we ALKYWAN?
• It is necessary to energetically protect the space where you sleep. A device placed in the bedroom improves sleep. The recommended distance from the beginning is six feet. The distance from the ball may change over time as needed.

• While watching television, the device placed under a chair or armchair also supports the proper functioning of the immune system.

• The device placed in the workroom / study (room) increases your stress resistance.

• During the time when the laundry dries, the device placed nearby (three feet) charges the laundry with a positive energy.

• The device placed in the gym / home gym strengthens the body’s bioenergetics and leads to better sports performance.

• The device also promotes energy and vitality of animals. Do not place the device too close to the pet bed. The animal finds the distance that suits it. The distance may change over time as needed.

• If you have a garage, cellar or attic / loft space, feel free to place the device there for a few nights. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have electricity there.

• The device located near the television cleans the room (such as the living room) from digital pollution.

• The ball located next to the computer / notebook supports the revitalization of the body from digital pollution.

• By the time, it is good to place the device for at least three hours in each room of the property (bathroom included). This procedure should be repeated according to your feelings, at least once a year.

Send us your pics of how you Alkywan! Your creative Alkywan placements will greatly help others.