It should be remembered that healers are mainly sought after by people who have not been helped by conventional medicine. For this reason, caution is never enough and healers should also be well protected and be as close to high vibrations as possible, especially if they connect their biofields (aura) with several sick clients a day. When the energy pathways of the healer are supported by higher vibrations, the body can rid itself of negative energies much more efficiently.

Tru Healing:

People are born into this incarnation, into this world, with many different gifts. One of the wonderful gifts, for example, is the ability to heal others. The question arises, however, whether this is always a clever and ultimately effective way of healing. I will expand on this topic a bit, as I believe it is needed for a better tomorrow. How does the ordinary healer work? By imparting positive – healing energy to his client. But I ask, how is it possible that some turtles live over 150 years? Are they made of better stuff than humans? Or perhaps, someone is giving them a special healing energy that humans don’t have? No… The turtle’s respiratory cycle lasts much longer than that of a normal human. A turtle inhales and exhales much slower than a human, it can hold its breath for a long time, and this is the main reason why it lives much longer than a human. Therefore, the first prerequisite for a healthy and long life is to learn to breathe properly. The correct breathing is incredibly energy-boosting, and not only in the human biofield. Situations in the universe happen on the basis of absolute justice. Everything that happens to us has a reason, even if you don’t see the reason instantly. It follows that if one is experiencing pain or suffering, this will continue to be the case until one understands what is the cause of this present state of health. Finding the cause is sometimes simple, but sometimes very difficult. But one thing is certain. It is always necessary to change something, that is, to understand what I am doing wrong.

Nothing can change without understanding and without change, because the state of our physical body is a reflection of the state of our spiritual body. When a healer gives you positive-healing energy…what happens? Does it remove the real cause of your illness? In the worst case, the negative energy/matter will penetrate the physical body of the healer or will settle in his/her biofield and start to harm him/her in the future. In the best case, the healer manages to push the negative energy somewhere else. However, this energy is alive and intelligent, it hides in another dimension (where the healer cannot reach) and returns to the client one way or another later. Perhaps it will not return to the part of the body (like the hand) where it was causing pain before, but will return to another part of the body (like the leg) and cause pain there for a change. Let me give you an example. If someone is stabbing you with a fork, is there any point in fighting the fork? No. We need to focus on the real cause of the problem, not the fork, but the person stabbing you with it. Most of the time, the cause is a person’s bad behaviour or bad mindset. Yes, even a bad thought has a negative effect on the quality of our future life. Even a thought is an energy that, according to its power, materializes in our reality. So in addition to correct breathing, we also need to think correctly, because correct thinking leads to correct actions. So true healing means to change my nature so that I am in harmony with the universe – with the spiritual world.

Even healers should protect themselves properly. Especially when they have many clients, meditation or prayers are not enough to protect them. It is necessary to be well protected 24 hours a day, and to be as close to high vibrations as possible, especially if I connect my biofields with several sick clients a day. Healers should not surrender most of their spiritual energy to their clients. To be honest, they shouldn’t consciously give them any. Neither for money nor for free. The clients then draw energy from them and as a result this energy will be missed by all of them. Healers will regret it as a result, because in time they will probably realize that they have sold or given away the spiritual energy they could have used for their spiritual transformation to their clients.

I wish you much good breath, ALKYWAN