Spritual Reconnection

Spiritual Reconnection

In order to ascend spiritually and approach the spiritual world, it is necessary to understand that in order to pass to higher levels, it is necessary to go through a certain transformation. The universe is an extremely intelligent creation, and if there is one thing I am absolutely certain of, it is that there is absolute justice in it – sometimes known as karma. The transformation can be interpreted by several names. You may have heard the expression “becoming a butterfly from a caterpillar” or “becoming an angel”. Whatever this phase is called, it is in fact a spiritual reconnection. If I go into more detail, of course, all humans are connected to the spiritual world through spiritual energy, otherwise they could not exist here. However, the vast majority of people (even if unknowingly) waste this energy on the consumer side of this incarnation. All patterns of consumerism have one purpose, to distract people from the truth. The truth is that in this reality we all have one main goal, which is to reconnect properly to the spiritual source. We always have only two choices on this journey. Either we cultivate wisdom and love within ourselves, thereby gaining a higher vibration and moving closer to the Spiritual world, or we serve Evil, thereby turning our backs on the spiritual world.

In order to resist negative energies, one needs to keep one’s Consciousness at the highest possible vibration. Evil cannot exist in higher vibrations. Today, however, people’s spiritual reconnection is being hindered on all sides. Negative information dominates the television broadcasts. Shows from war or hospital environments also only lower your vibration because they connect you to negative events and also leave a negative carbon footprint in your space. Or rather, you are putting your attention into the negative information that is stored in your Subconscious. Our Subconscious stores all of our previous life experiences, our beliefs, our memories, our skills, all the situations we have gone through and all the pictures we have ever seen, but also all the sounds we have heard and everything that has come to our attention in our entire lifetime. All this needs to be transformed, erased or replaced with positive energies, for no low energies can enter the higher levels, even in the form of unprocessed negative memories.

X-rays, electromagnetic pollution, geopathic and technogenic zones can disrupt the molecules and atoms of the human body, leading to a variety of diseases, including cancer and leukaemia. Finding a safe place on this planet is becoming increasingly rare, and in order for the physical body to have the strength to get rid of all this, it needs to have an abundance of energy. Photon energy works on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to help repair structures that have been damaged by negative low vibrations. Everyone decides the success or failure of his own transformation. But one thing is certain. If you want to experience transformation, you have no choice but to adapt to the higher vibrations. You need to change your thinking, your perspective and ultimately your way of life.

I wish you many good decisions,